My name is Erwin Maulana Saputra, I am a software engineer currently meddling at Lumio.id as a co-founder. I’m probably 100% Indonesian — a Sundanese to be exact, but no one believe since sadly *hic* I don’t have the accent

This blog is the default landing of all of my experiments related to server and web technology

I may write about all of my findings and experiments related to tech and IoT — but that is not a promise.

Been blogging since 2007 – although many of my old post kind of –archived– due to — well I grow older and somehow those gives me lot cringe rereading those old posts

The blog called azureru since someone was having trouble to pronounce my name (it’s not her native tongue) and call me eru. Azure means bright blue color — you know the light blue of the sky.

So it’s nothing to do with cloud offering of you-know-which-company. So if you are here looking for articles about that cloud provider you will be utterly disappointed

azureru.com header

So here you go, feel free to tell me If I should add more disclaimer about this site. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

5 Replies to “About”

  1. Rd. says:

    senang melihat blog dan nama ini masih eksis 😛

  2. ansella says:

    blogwalking blogwalking ternyata aku ta malas sendirian ahahahahaha

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