The Best Gift Ever

Ah, Books. Weirdly — I remember that day in every detail, The thin brown book packaging (I don’t know what it was called – you know the one that we used to use to wrap our text-books in Elementary School :D). The huge smile on my face when I receive it, the smile of a tired father just get back from work. My muddied hands – just get back from

Home Automation By Presence Detection

Some friends asking me about my Homebred setup for my home automation – It’s been a while since I promise to write about it – so here you go. (will open the code as soon as I can make it readable for public and clean it up from my custom setups) The setup is simple, nothing fancy. It’s using tricky simple presence detection – a.k.a detecting MAC address of my

The New Begining

Me I remember it was 1995, I was young, around 10-11 years old kid with identity issue. What Identity issue you may ask? One example is – I used to ask myself Who Am I? What is the purpose of living?. I used to identify it as an identity issue because when I ask that kind of question to older people. most of them shrug, laugh or telling me that